Mercy Midwives Women's Health Center
2847 Webster Avenue Bronx, NY 10458
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Gynecological and Obstetrical Services for all Women
Mercy Midwives Women's Health Center is a health center that provides obstetrical and gynecological services to women of all ages. We believe in optimum health care for all women, pregnant or non-pregnant.

Did you know that the word "midwife" means with woman? This means that we specialize in care for women and have a certified midwife that owns and operates the center.

We are located in the Bronx where we believe family centered care is a necessity for all of our clients. Our main goal is to strive to deliver the best women's health care available to all women, regardless of color, race, religion or creed.  We believe in preventive medicine and early intervention for a longer life.
We offer the following services:

Pre-Conception Counseling
Infertility Work-up
Pregnancy Care
In-hospital Delivery
Postpartum Care and check-up
Annual GYN examinations including the Pap Smear
STD testing and treatment.
HIV/AIDS Counseling, testing and referrals.
Owner/Certified Nurse Midwife
Gloria L. Murray, CNM, NP, MSN
Associate Director

Leon E. Murray
Executive Administrator
Michelle Smith, MPH
Consulting Physicians
Jacob Esses, MD
Michael Ihemaguba, MD

Medical Assistants
Maria E. Rodriguez
Front Desk Receptionist
Dorca Garcia


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